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Travelling Through the Everglades

Everglades City,Travel one of the southern most cities on the mainland in the United States. A city with lots of history, Airboat tours, seafood and tales of the swampland’s of the Everglades.The original county seat of Collier County FL Everglades City was created by Barron Collier. Mr Collier purchased land from Lee County and Monroe County to create Collier County from swampland. Created from the swamp’s that no one wanted to travel- Everglades City , Naples, and Immokalee became some of the most coveted land in the US.

Everglades City fl

Everglades City, travel to a small island 1 mile long and 1/2 mile wide became a commercial fishing community in the 50′s. Catching stone crabs, blue crabs, fishing for mullet, king fish, pompano and many other species to sell then became the local trade. Then came the tourist and Airboat tours, Boat tours, Swamp buggy rides,along with the Everglades national park, and Big cypress preserve. Charter fishing later became one of the great economics for the area as the National parks came. Fishing for reds, snook, sheepshead, tarpon, trout,and other great game fish.When leaving Everglades City Travel to the north to Immokalee.

Immokalee FL

Immokalee Fl Has for many years become a agricultural hub for south Florida. Growing tomatos, peppers, watermelons, beans, corn, and much more. Also has a very large cattle and citrus community.

Naples Fl

Naples Florida has now become the County seat of Collier County. Has world class beaches fabulous restaurants hotels and shopping.

Everglades City Travel a great way to relax.

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The History of Everglades City

The history of Everglades City is a long one. Starting with Florida crackers, pirates, fisherman, rum runners, smugglers, and airboaters’s just to name a few. To the day some of the old Florida homes and buildings can still be found in Everglades City. The courthouse now Everglades City’s City Hall can be found at the center of town still in it’s statuesque prime. Everglades City Hall has been renovated to it’s historical conditions with the great pillars and steps from the 1960′s. On down the old main drive you will find the Bank Building which is still used today as a Bed & Breakfast. Across the street you will find the old wash house or laundry now the Everglades City museum. Located a little further to the west, you will the world famous Rod & Gun Club now a restaurant and hotel with a great view of the Barron River. The building has changed very little since the 1950′s and has much memorabilia hanging on the walls from days past, cypress floors and much of the original flavor as old Florida.

Old Everglades Skiffs
Old Everglades Skiffs

Some of the old local flavors of Everglades City.

After driving along the river banks and seeing the commercials docks of the crabbers and fishermen which commercially catch stone crabs, mullet, grouper and Florida lobsters you will find fish houses turned into restaurants ,Airboat tours , national parks, state parks and more to spend time for the day.

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