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Ft Myres Airboat rides

Airboat rides from Ft Myres. Ft Myres Fl is a great place for the beaches sun and fun in south Fl. Hotels around the beach all have some fun things to do. Such as water sports on jet ski , Sail boat charters for and easy day off shore with the wind good food and drinks while unwinding in Ft Myres .Volleyball for the kids or sand castle building in one of the many tournament’s or just fun for the family. Back country tours on one of the passenger boats for a relaxing ride. Fishing trips back country for Spotted seatrout,Reds,Snook,Tarpon or one of the many sport fish we have in the Gulf of Mexico. Para-sailing great for the adventurer in the group flying high over the water for day time adventure. Night time has other activities like the great restaurants for seafood near the shrimp docks,bar’s like the top of the mast. When you have unwound and need a day trip or some thing different the Everglades has many things to do. A one hour drive to the everglades city area you will find swamps of grasslands that continue for miles.Along the road ways it is possible to see wild life like Gators ,Snakes ,Birds ,Florida Panthers ,Fish ,Manatees and more. Airboat tours of the Everglades are among the most popular ways to see and cover the most swamp land. Airboat rides lee you get deep in the Everglades to see the rare birds and plants other wise not seen up close by the road ways. While traveling south Florida in citys such as Marco Island,Naples,Ft Myres,sanibel visit the great Everglades national park or Big cypress swamp in Everglades city fl. For more info on the Everglades or Airboat tours contact www.evergladesrides.com.

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